Fitness Trackers May Be The Reason You Can't Sleep

March 29, 2018

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Many depend on their fitness tracker to keep them motivated for better health but there is growing concern these pieces of technology are responsible for restless nights.  Dubbed 'orthosomnia', the anxiety of knowing how much sleep you are getting is real and being hyper-alert is horrible for your well-being. While this all looks to be bad news there is a silver lining, simply take off your fitness tracker! If you feel you're getting anxious you need to stop wearing it. You should become very clever with checking for early warning signs and manage it before things get out of control. Perhaps this tidbit of knowledge will calm your nerves too.  Fitness trackers can't track the quality of your sleep, such as REM or dream sleep, so the data is not that reliable when it comes to the quality of your rest.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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