The First Two Weeks Of The New Year Is The Cheapest Time To Buy Airline Tickets

January 3, 2018

It's January and for the most part, we're broke!  But as the holiday hangover brings you down into the dumps, it's easy to think about your next brick of time off. While you may not know where you want to go, January is most likely the cheapest month to buy airline tickets for the first half of 2018!  Flight booking web site Skyscanner looked at searches from its 60 million users and determined that tickets booked during the first two weeks in January will often offer the best prices on flights for the first half of the year. They claim by March those same airline tickets will be 13% more expensive, while international journeys will likely be 56% more expensive than the year-round average. That’s a huge increase in price. And Skyscanner is not alone, Travel and Leisure notes that the “post-holiday slump” each year, the period of time between January 4th and February 15th is the cheapest time to buy a seat aboard an airplane.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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