That First Cup Of Coffee Maybe Why You Always Feel So Tired

October 12, 2017


The majority of morning rituals consist of pouring a cup of hot coffee and the few minutes of peace as those first few sips prepare you for the day ahead.  But drinking coffee first thing in the morning may not be the best way to start your day. According to registered dietician, Laura Cipullo, that morning cup of coffee is why you feel stressed and even why you feel tired enough for a nap before lunch.  While common knowledge is correct in that the caffeine in coffee keeps you up and alert.  However its effectiveness is diminished because of cortisol, the stress hormone.  Research shows that cortisol levels spike shortly after waking, then fall, then peak again at midday. The cortisol levels fall once again and rally for another peak in the early evening.  So it's that drop in cortisol that causes you to feel sleepy.  Keep that in mind as we now take a look at how caffeine in your coffee effects the roller coaster ride.  Since our levels of cortisol are highest in the mornings, adding caffeine might make us feel extra rattled and over time it can also make the caffeine less effective at delivering that much-needed energy boost. So to keep coffee packing its punch without have to keep going back and forth to the coffee pot, limit your coffee in the morning and consider drinking the majority of it during a low cortisol moment, which is generally 3-4 hours after you wake up.  Of course that all sounds great on paper but implementing it is another story! 

SOURCE: Kitchn

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