First-Born Children Are The Worst Drivers On The Road

August 11, 2017

© Adamgregor | Dreamstime

Younger siblings living in the shadow of the perfection of the first born have a reason to smile this morning.  The eldest child is a bad driver compared to their younger brothers and sisters.  An insurance study of over 1,300 motorist found that 89% of older siblings are likely to speed, 47% cut off other drivers, and 46% hog the middle of the road. The study found the youngest sibling to be the safest driver, followed by the next youngest and upward. However being an only child are even better drivers overall.  And the excuses for all that bad driving?  It also depends on the birth order. While the middle and youngest children are most likely to lay the blame on other drivers annoying them, eldest children say they only have bad road etiquette if there’s a good reason, such as being late.

SOURCE: Independent

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