Fight Insomnia With This Trick

June 15, 2016

Counting sheep, taking a melatonin pills, glass of warm milk.  Fighting insomnia can be a daunting task. The conventional wisdom is to go to bed earlier to catch up on your sleep but that can make your insomnia worse and turn your acute insomnia into a chronic condition.  Now experts say you should do the exact opposite of going to bed early and stay awake as long as possible.  Between 70% and 80% of people can cure their sleeping problems through spending less time in bed.  The research found the random sleep patterns of going to bed early, getting out of bed late and napping can confuse your sleep cycle, which is why you can't sleep when you want to.  By staying awake and going to bed at your regular time and waking up at your regular time regardless of how tired you feel is the best way to beat insomnia. That includes weekends too.

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