Fidgeting Toys May Make You Smarter

May 16, 2017

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By now you've heard about so-called fidget toys, spinners and cubes that have switches, knobs, clickers and other gizmos that are designed to give those who fidget something to fidget with while working.  While a couple of Alachua County schools have banned "fidget spinners' (Oak View Middle and Kanapaha Middle), they may want to reconsider it as more research supports these seemingly pointless fidget tools actually help people focus on tasks better. Society increasingly demands mental work while enforcing unhealthy, sedentary physical habits, pent up energy must be used. Fidgeting is a way to cope and while some may see them as a distraction, a scientist at the University of California Davis studied kids with ADHD while they performed mental tests and found the more intensely the kids fidgeted, the higher they scored.

SOURCE: Wired & Gainesville Sun