Fidget Spinner Cookies Now Exists!

May 26, 2017

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When it's hot, why not cash in on it!  With fidget spinners becoming all the rage, perhaps a different kind of rage for parents and teachers, why not get one that you can eat?

Clearly Cookies, a custom bakery in Dallas, Texas went there and yes, created a fidget spinner cookie that not only looks and spins like a fidget spinner but you can eat it too.  Clearly Cookie creator, Jessica Grose, said she had no idea what a fidget spinner was until a guy she was dating suggested she create an edible one.  So she headed to the kitchen and made a fidget spinner pattern, which she used to cut out the sugar cookie dough. She then used smaller circular cookies on the inside to make the cookie spin. The cookies come in two different versions, spinning and non-spinning. Spinning cookies start at $6, non-spinning at $4.50, and all cookies can be completely customizable based on your fidget spinner cookie dreams. While Grose is based in Texas, her cookies can be shipped nationwide.

SOURCE: Mashable

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