The Fidget Spinner Cell Phone

October 11, 2017

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You knew it was just a matter of time before someone married the utility of a cell phone with the trendy fidget spinner.  Chili's International (not the restaurant chain) has indeed created a fidget spinner mobile phone.  The somewhat tiny and featureless phone has a 1.4 inch screen, minimal keyboard and up to 8GB expandable memory.  But most prominent is its center spinner, which held with your thumb and finger can spin for what feels like an eternity.  The fidget spinner phone comes in 6 colors and costs about $20!  Unfortunately, the phone is only available in India at the moment but for $20 the novelty of it may be worth buying it, especially when you consider many fidget spinners cost upwards of $20. Or you could use that money and buy a case that turns your iPhone into a fidget spinner (yes there are cases that'll do it) but do you really want to risk ruining a $700+ phone?

SOURCE: The Verge

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