Fictional TV Homes Real World Value

October 17, 2017


At one time or another you may have started a conversation while watching your favorite TV show and asked, "I wonder how much that place really cost?"  From apartments to houses our fictionalized TV homes look almost too good to be true andfor the msot part, it is!  For instance, the Tanner house on Full House.  The charming 2,400 square foot Victorian home shown in the sitcom is valued at $3.6 million, which is probably why Danny, Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey shared the home.  Sex in the City's Carrie Bradshaw's $750 rent controlled apartment in New York is worth far more with The Brownstone Building housing Carrie's fictional home is worth $15.8 million, meaning a 600 square foot one-bedroom apartment on is worth about $1 million. The 2,600 square foot warehouse-like loft in downtown Los Angeles, shown on New Girl is a bit pricey even for four roommates.  Estimation of real-life apartments in this area have rents averaging $4,500 a month. As for the modest two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Pasadena, California that is home of Sheldon and Leonard's apartment in The Big bang Theory, the average cost is from $1,800 to $2,200 a month. Finally the Dunphy home on Modern Family is beautiful and pricey.  The house shown in the show sold in 2014 to its current owners for $2.1 million, which pans out to about a $7,700 a month mortgage!

SOURCE: SheKnows (slideshow)

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