Female Dragonflies Play Dead To Avoid Pestering Males

May 1, 2017

© Borislav Toskov | Dreamstime

Some people can't take no for an answer, which leads to many uncomfortable, annoying and stressful situations, especially in the dating world.  Perhaps salvation lies in mimicking the behavior of a female dragonfly and play dead. Scientist observing our mosquito-eating insect friends observed a strange phenomenon recently, when female moorland hawker dragonflies, who didn't want the attention of males, fell from the skies and played dead!  Apparently one researcher noticed a female dragonfly being pursued by a male, suddenly crash to the ground and laid there motionless until he left. Waiting a few moments until the coast was clear, the female fluttered her wings and went about her business. Researcher Adolfo Cordero-Rivera noticed the same behavior 27 different times by different female dragonflies and believes the dragonflies risk their lives by plummeting to the ground and being vulnerable to predators in their actions of playing dead only if male harassment is intense, usually mating season. He plans to continue research of other species of dragonflies to employ this tactic.

SOURCE: Jezebel

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