Fedex Doesn't Believe Madonna is Madonna

September 6, 2017

© Broker | Dreamstime

There are not many people that are instantly recognizable by one name.  Elvis, Beyoncé, Sting, Ke$ha and Madonna have risen to the point of one-name awareness.  However Fedex isn't too convinced that Madonna is Madonna. Apparently she spent last week arguing with Fedex to release a package she had ordered but the delivery company didn't believe her identity. 

She aired her frustrations on Twitter yesterday. Fans were quick to offer advice on how to prove she is Madonna with one Tweet telling her to open the door wearing a pointy bra next time.  Another suggested to "Fed Express Yourself" and asking Fedex to "Get into The Groove."  All the Tweeting caught the attention of Fedex who asked Madge to send a direct message.  It is unclear if Madonna ever received her package. 

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