FDA Considering Changing How Pharmaceutical Advertisements Air

July 5, 2017

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All those pills, crèmes and sprays advertised by drug companies on radio, TV and online, with that laundry list of potential side effects are "overwarning us", says the FDA! The Food and Drug Administration requires that drug commercials provide a 'fair balance' of information both the benefits and risks of the medications they advertise. That leads to a usually long list of potential side effects and that is leading health officials to propose a  study to assess whether consumers are actually taking these warnings seriously and to shorten the list so that consumers don't tune out.   Which side effects to disclose is the big question as advocate are concerned the move to shorten the side effects may lead to misleading information to consumers. In fact many in the medical community want to end these ads altogether as they say the ads cause the price of medications to go up and they also create demand for more expensive drugs among consumers who are not aware of cheaper alternatives.

SOURCE: Daily News

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