Fat Fighting Jeans Reduce Cellulite

March 28, 2017

© Eti Swinford | Dreamstime

Imagine a day when all you need to do to reduce cellulite is donning on your favorite pair of skinny jeans.  At least for one company that is exactly what they say will happen.  Beija Flor is offering jeans that can help you become skinny with a fabric technology called ‘emana.’  The company claims that tiny bio-crystals embedded in the denim fabric absorb your body heat and then transfer the heat waves back to you for constant skin stimulation that’s believed to create a smoother look. Although sounding too good to be true  a Harvard Medical School study found the same infrared body heat reflecting technology works to aid muscle recovery and sports performance in athletes thanks to its circulation-boosting benefits. How this transfers to cellulite-reduction isn't quite clear but for $230 a pair of jeans, the jeans are guaranteed to reduce the size of your wallet. Plus, your office's dress code would need to be fairly relaxed, the maker of the jeans says they must be worn for six hours a day for a month before a visible reduction in cellulite along with smoother skin is noticed.

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