Fasting May Boost Brain Cells

May 10, 2017

© Vesna Njagulj | Dreamstime

Fasting may make you smarter.  That's the verdict from a university study that say occasional fasting may boost your brain's ability and that's likely due to what's often called "the hunger hormone." That hormone is called Ghrelin and its job is to tell your brain that you are hungry. However it is now believed the hormone does more than tell you to eat, it can stimulate the growth of brain cells. In studies where mice are given 70 percent of what they'd normally eat for 14 days, they grow more neurons in the part of the brain known as the learning and memory center. This process, called neurogenesis, goes hand-in-hand with improved performance on long-term memory tests. But don't skip lunch before your next big meeting in hopes of a brain cell boost.  As with anything involving your health, discuss the findings with your doctor to see if it is safe for you.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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