Fastest Way To De-Fog Your Car's Windshield

January 9, 2018

© Geno Sajko | Dreamstime

Winter brings with it cold wind, shorter days and windshields full of condensation.  While it isn't a catastrophe can be annoying, especially when running late.  SO with the help of science here is the quickest way to defog your car's windshield. 1-Turn defroster fan on its highest setting. 2-Temperature control on its hottest. 3-A/C turned on. 4-A/C turned on. 5-Crack your windows.  This method has been tested and is the most efficient to get that excess water vapor off your windshield and out of your car! Another way you can cut down the water vapor is to put some kitty litter in a tube sock, tie it at the open end and place it on your dashboard closest to the windshield.  The kitty litter should help in absorbing the excess water vapor. Another hack is to use shaving cream (the Barbasol kind) by placing it on your inside windshield and wiping it off with a clean cloth.


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