Fast Food Restaurant Offers Free Burger Severance For Those Fired

August 30, 2017

© Nevodka | Dreamstime

Recently lost your job?  Burger King feels your pain and wants to offer you a free burger, that is after you admit online that you've been fired! It’s part of the “own your fire” giveaway promotion. 

But don't go demand your free burger from your nearest Burger King as it's a bit more complicated.  First, you must sign in to you Linked account, post this public message, "I got fired. I want a free Whopper. #whopperseverance.” THEN, Burger King will send you a link to register for a chance to be one of 2,500 people to receive a Whopper severance package, which is a Burger King gift card, in the mail.  Although it sounds like a lot of work for a free meal but if you are truly out of work, you've got some time to kill.

SOURCE: Business Insider

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