Fashion Trends Hated The Most By Age Groups

October 26, 2017

© Pavel Losevsky | Dreamstime

When it comes to fashion, beauty is in the eye of the generation, according to the Hater app, a dating app that matches people based on the thing they hate.  They gathered data from all negative Nanacies and Neils to find out what men and women hate about current styles.  What is surprisng is the fashion item changes based on your age. They foudn women in theri teens hate men wearing New Balance shoes, women in their 20s hate men wearing Fedoras the most, women in their 30s aren't fans of men's music festival fashion choices, women in their 40s dislike skinny ties on men and wommen in their 50s hate men's jogger pants. As for the guys, teenage boys dislike women in turtlenecks, men in theri 20s hate henna tattoos, men in their 30s are over the Snapchat dog filter, guys in their 40s hate women wearing leopard skin prints and men in their 50s dislike women wearing too much makeup. 

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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