Fashion That Makes Your Hip Without Being Embarrassingly Too Trendy

March 27, 2018

© Pavel Losevsky | Dreamstime

Fashion can make you feel good! Strutting around knowing everyone is looking at you.  However as we move into middle age, fashion changes but our wardrobe can fall behind. We mistakenly believe that if we stop updating our wardrobes, we will freeze time and remain forever young. In other words, if you stopped updating your wardrobe in 1998, you will not look 30 again, you will look like someone who lost interest two decades ago! Experts says accessories to update your look.  In for spring are checkered prints, which are timeless, crayon brights such as ‘Millennial pink’ and ‘Gen Z yellow’ are bold and help you stand out.  Pastel shades, known today as ice cream shades from vanilla and strawberry to mint and lemon can update your look without going overboard.  And speaking of overboard, avoid plastic tops, bottoms and shoes, frills and feathers and the short suit.  They may look good on twentysomethings but not for those who still remember what a fax machine is.  And when it comes to jeans, avoid overly ripped, worn in and already faded pairs, aim for mid or high rise and your skinny jeans should never be lighter than a mid-blue.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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