Fart Leads To A Fight in Key West bar

June 15, 2016

When a foray of flatulence infiltrates a couple's airspace at a Key West Bar, it turns out to be our ‪#‎OnlyInFlorida‬ story of the day! Police were called to an altercation Sunday night to break up two couple arguing over a fart; actually several of them according to 55 year old Sandra Stoner and her 53 year old boyfriend, Richard McBride, 53, both of Naples.  Video surveillance captures Stoner and McBride sitting at the bar next to another unnamed couple.  At one point, Stoner got out of her seat and confronted the other woman in what appeared to be an aggressive manner.  The woman male companion intervened in an attempt to separate them, but McBride intervened and pushed the woman, prompting the man to punch him in the face. McBride tackled the man and they fell to the ground. Sloppy Joe's security then broke up the fight. By the time police arrived the other couple had left.  McBride was transported to the hospital for evaluation.  No charges will be filed.


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