Family Charged Extra Fees For Long Last Name

May 8, 2018

If you have a long name, you understand that a letter or two is generally clipped off when filling it in on an online form.  For a family attempting to board an airplane, it resulted in an additional fees of nearly $100.  An unidentified man purchased his tickets for him and his family from the Thai Airways web site. However his surname was longer than the 25 character limit available on the online form.  However it is fairly common to have letters clipped from long names and the system did allow him to purchase the tickets.  Everything seemed to be okay until the family attempted to board his flight.  Being that it ws an international flight, all passengers had their passport cross-checked with their tickets.  Of course the family’s last name didn't match and they were denied boarding until they paid a fee of $94 to change the name on their tickets.  The man who shared this experience online said he even showed his airline loyalty card which had his complete name but it wasn't good enough.  After paying the fee and posting the story online, a representative of Thai Airways refunded the additional fees charged and apologized for the inconvenience. The company said it would be updating the internet booking system to allow more than 25 characters so those with longer names can add their complete name. 

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure

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