Fake Photo Causes Heart Burn For Fisher Price

December 12, 2016

© Lisa F. Young | Dreamstime

More proof that we've got a serious problem of believing fake news sites.  Last week you may have heard about the Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset, which features a bar, stools and even plastic beer bottles, to which a girl and boy were each holding ne with a  surly baby with a bowtie on the backside of the bar wiping it down.  Although it created a few laughs many people thought the realistic picture was a real product being peddled by the child's toy maker. 

Whom wants this for Xmas? ----

A photo posted by Adam The Creator Ⓜ️ (@adam.the.creator) on

It has gotten so bad the Fisher-Price had to issue a statement stating the product is not endorsed, produced or approved by Fisher-Price. Come to find out, it was created by a phot-shop guru named Adam Padilla, who says he's shocked of how fast his picture made it through the Internet. Padilla said the image was inspired by his 21-year-old daughter, who is fond of the Fisher-Price sets like the famous plastic play kitchen.


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