FAKE: Miami Millionaire Unknowingly Marries Own Granddaughter

October 3, 2016

Here's a marriage that's strictly a family affair.  A 68 year old Miami millionaire has just discovered his 3rd wife, for whom he just married, is actually his 24 year old granddaughter!  The couple put the price together after looking through family photos.  Apparently the man had two previous marriages and during his first marriage, he had a son.  It was when the millionaire was much younger and he never bonded or even got to know his kids after leaving their mother for another woman.  During his 2nd marriage, he became estranged from his wife after winning his fortune in the lottery. Eventually he met his 3rd wife online New Year's Eve and the couple married three months ago.  Come to find out, the son from his first marriage is the father of his new wife. Shockingly, the pair have no plans to divorce and will instead try to make their marriage work, saying that he already had two failed marriages, and didn't want to fail at the third.

SOURCE: Florida Sun Post

UPDATE:  Even when you do your best to make sure our stories we share with you are real, every now and then a fake one slips through.  So is the case of this story.  At the time we posted this story and shared it with you on the radio, we had assumed it was real, even as odd as it sounded. As of 10am, it was deemed as a fake. We humbly apologize for any misleading as it was unintentional.  Our job is to bring you stories and news items that are an escape from the politics and divisive articles that seem to be non-stop.  We ask for your forgiveness and only leave this up to be transparent in showing that we're only human and occasionally make a mistake. 

SOURCE: Mashable

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