Facial Recognition Technology Aims To Stop Toilet Paper Theft

April 19, 2018

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Nobody likes a thief and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who enjoys the discovery that there is no toilet paper in the bathroom stall.  Across the world, China is in the midst of a toilet revolution. The country is turning to technology to upgrade public restrooms and to stop people from raiding them of rolls of toilet paper.  Many of the upgrades include turbo toilets, Wi-Fi connections, phone charging, television screens and even ATMs!  One particular feature that many would call disturbing is the use of facial recognition technology.  Yes, there are cameras in the bathrooms that will be able to tag you in the event you take off with too much t.p.! Two cities in China have installed the technology, which gives a person between one and two and a half feet of toilet paper after they scan their face. If a user needs more toilet paper than the allotted amount, they have to wait as long as nine minutes.  The idea is that it will prevent people from taking too much paper and stop others from stealing free supplies like soap, toilet paper and paper towels. So far, residents seem to be divided over whether or not they approve of the renovations. The facial recognition systems, which cost about $720 each, angered some who said it didn't dispense enough toilet paper in each portion.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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