Facial Contrast Key In Looking Younger

October 12, 2017

© Sophie Davis | Dreamstime

Looking for the fountain of youth?  Look no further than your eyes, lips and eyebrows.  Researchers have found that women across all cultures and ethnicities appeared to look younger when eyes, lips and eyebrows stand out.  It's known as facial contrast where our lips, skin around our eyes and eyebrows "stand out." As we age those contrasts become less defined.  In showing computer manipulated pictures to test takers of the same women, overwhelmingly the participant picked the pictures with more facial contrast, not wrinkles, as being younger.  While people of different ethnicities can have different skin colors, age-related changes in skin color tend to be similar. The results suggest that people could modify how old they look by altering how much their facial features stand out.

SOURCE: EurekaAlert

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