Facebook Feature Lets You Endorse Your Presidential Pick

October 24, 2016


Just in case you couldn't tell by looking at your friends Facebook post and timeline as to who they were voting for in the upcoming Presidential election, the social media platform now let you endorse your pick for President on have it proudly posted on your timeline.  The new feature launched last week allows you to make your pledge to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jill Stein or Gary Johnson by visiting their official Facebook page.  Under the candidate picture, you will find “endorsement”. Click it and voila, you've just been unfriended from a good portion of your friends!  However the public endorsement of your Presidential choice can be customized to only show to a group of people as well as the option to include a post as to why you are voting or your candidate. Facebook also added an "issues" tab to the pages of the candidates. When clicked, a list of topics appears that can be selected. Each topic features selected quotes and videos addressing each issue. With the election a little more than two weeks away, Facebook has already said the election has been the most talked about topic for 2015 and while we're in the home stretch, we're sure it will also be for 2016!

SOURCE: Mashable

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