Eyeglass Hacks To Make Them More Comfortable

August 28, 2017

© Diego Vito Cervo | Dreamstime

75% of Americans wear some sort of vision corrective lenses with about 64% wearing eyeglasses.  With all those "readers" and prescription pairs in service, there are bound to be pairs that are crooked, keep sliding or pinching your nose!  So here are some simple hacks you can use to make your glasses more function able and comfortable.  For instance, if your eyeglasses keep sliding down your face, resulting in the annoying finger push-up, use an eyeglass screwdriver to tighten the loose screws on each side of your temples. While Plastic frames have become more popular and in style than wire frames, they do present a bigger challenge in fixing them if they become crooked.  While wire frames can be carefully bent back into shape, plastic frames can also be adjusted with a hair dryer or hot water.  Using a dryer, pass the heat plume through the arm until it becomes pliable. Then adjust as needed.  The same works if the nose pads are too tight or loose.  Finally, if the tops and back of your ears are irritated from wearing glasses, use a little baby powder daily until the irritation is gone.  Remember not to go crazy in tweaking your eyeglasses.  For that major overhaul, check with your eye doctor.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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