Extremely High Levels Of Zinc Found In Canned Tuna

April 11, 2018

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A warning about canned tuna as a new report says the meat contained in these cans contains up to 100 times more zinc than is safe, which could wreak havoc on your digestive system. But it may go beyond tuna as most cans are lined with zinc because of its anti-microbial qualities, which help to prolong foods' shelf lives. New findings suggest zinc leaches into food and later becomes lodged in people's digestive systems, altering their abilities to absorb nutrients and make your digestive system more permeable, allowing toxic substances to enter their bloodstreams. Higher than allowed zinc levels were also found in canned chicken, corn and asparagus; all of which have naturally low levels of zinc.  Excessive zinc intake has been linked to seizures, fever, vomiting and fainting. The study, published in the journal Food & Function, also found the transport of iron and glucose falls by three quarters and almost a third, respectively, after zinc exposure. However, the results are based on zinc's effect on cells grown in a laboratory, with long-term human health implications being unclear.   

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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