Extra Sticky Charcoal Face Masks Causes More Harm Than Good

March 8, 2017

© Roxolanka Dreamstime

The latest at-home beauty treatment may end up with you making a trip to the emergency room.  Charcoal extra-sticky face masks that harden to a rubber-like texture promises are all the rage, with promises to rid your skin of clogged pores and leave you with younger looking skin.  But if you've been online you've probably seen a beauty vlogger removing it with excruciating pain and rather than smooth skin, she has damaged skin. 

For many skincare experts, that is not an exaggeration.  Yes the masks removes all those blackheads but it also removes the surface layer of skin, essential oils and any hairs. So in the long run, you are leaving your skin open for more problems including bacterial infections and damaged skin. Stick to the more traditional facial cleaners and blackhead removal system that are not as tough on your skin.  If all else fails, seek the professional advice from your Dermatologist.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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