Experts Warn Trendy & Lifestyle Diets May Be Harming Our Kids

May 11, 2017

© Igor Dutina | Dreamstime

While we strive to eat healthier and out constant need to try new things, it can be bad news for our children. Dietitians and nutritionists are cautioning parents to not be too trendy with our kids’ diet, especially on veganism.  While the number of vegans has risen 360% over the last decade, experts say a potential lack of nutrients can cause 'irreversible damage' and malnutrition, such as a lack of vitamin B12 and iodine. Children following vegan diets are leaner and smaller than children who eat meat or even those on vegetarian diets which allow milk, eggs and cheese. Although quick to point our vegan diets can be perfectly healthy, growing children need a combination of combination of protein, complex carbohydrates and fats every morning and some of those nutritional elements are lower or missing in some vegan faire, especially if you are rushed in the morning or looking for a quick fix late meal.  Too little protein can lead to stunted growth while too much fiber can cause children to feel full too quickly, stopping them getting enough of other nutrients in their food. But there is an easy fix for this concern, say experts. Seek out qualified medical and dietary advice on the proper dietary needs of a growing child and courses on proper food selection to make sure those precious nutrients and vitamins are there to help your child grow healthy and strong.

SOURCE: Daily Mail