Eww! Using Your Phone While On The Toilet Can Make You Sick

February 21, 2017

© Juan Moyano | Dreamstime

Admit it, you take your phone into the bathroom.  Not only do take it into the bathroom, you use it while on the toilet.  While it's a great way to pass time during one of life's necessities, it is turning out to be a haven for germs and potentially dangerous bacteria. But wait, the horror continues as the risk of spreading viruses like gastro and staph can also hitch a ride on your phone. Considering most of American then use their phone while eating, you might have just discovered why you've been feeling sick more often than in the past. Health experts recommend you not using your phone in the bathroom or keeping it out altogether.  But let's be honest, you’re gonna take it into the bathroom, so if you do, make sure to clean your phone with disinfectant on a regular basis. Specific sprays can be bought to clean touchscreens. Lastly, wash your hands each time you finish in the bathroom.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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