Even Thinking You Are Healthier Can Add Years To Your Life

March 7, 2018

© Martinmark | Dreamstime

Do you exercise more than the average person?  Good!  You are likely in better health. Even if it isn't actually true. An interesting new study shows that people's beliefs about their exercise levels have a measurable effect on their health, with those who believe they're getting lots of exercise showing physical effects that match that belief. The physical benefits of exercise belief isn't imaginary.  More than 61,000 people participated in surveys which inquired about their exercising habits for nearly 21 years. Many also wore accelerometers that tracked their actual physical activity. The results are mind blowing, those who described themselves as not getting much exercise were 71% likelier to die during the follow-up period than those who said they got lots of exercise, whether or not that assessment was accurate. The finding suggests that perceptions about health behaviors may play an important role in shaping health outcomes.


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