Enraged Man's Questions About Calling Police Is Answered By Home Automation System

July 10, 2017

© Denise Kappa Dreamstime

Amazon's Alexa, Google Home and soon to enter Apple's Siri and Samsung are automating everything from opening blinds and curtains to turning off overhead fans an ordering us pizza!  Now you can add calling for help when you are being assaulted!  A woman and her daughter was housesitting last week outside Albuquerque, New Mexico, which included all the latest electronic gadgets, including a home automation system always listening for a command.  One night, the woman's upset boyfriend arrived at the house, wielding a firearm and threatened to kill his girlfriend!  In his rage he uttered the phrase, "Did you call the sheriffs?" The home automation system mistakently interpreted that phrase as a command and placed a phone call to 911. Apparently dispatchers were able to hear the enraged man and not only dispatched deputies but the SWAT team.  After a brief standoff, the woman and her daughter were removed safely and the man was charged assault and other charges.  Law enforcement are giving the home automation system credit for playing a significant role in preventing a potential tragic incident. 


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