Is This The End Of The Compact Disc?

February 8, 2018

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It can be said that you've reached the peak of your CD collection.  The silver disc that housed music for over thirty years will no longer be sold at Best Buy stores as of July 1st.  At one point, Best Buy was the most powerful music merchandiser in the United States but now sources say CD sales only account for $40 million annually. Ironically, they will continue to sell vinyl copies of music for two more years as contract commitments with vendors will be honored.  Another retail giant also announced a major change in CD sales. Target is looking to sell CDs and DVDs on a consignment basis.  Currently the store purchases inventory and whatever is not sold are shipped back to the distributor, on Target's dime, for a credit on future deliveries.  In the new model, Target will simply take a cut of CDs and DVDs sold with music and movie companies being responsible for delivery and inventory.  While movie distributors have until May 1st, music labels will have until February 1st to decide if they want to accept the new policy. While it may sound simple, it may hasten the record companies’ path to completely ditch the format that launched the digital revolution 35 years ago.

SOURCE: Billboard

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