Emojis Have No Place In The Office

August 15, 2017


Emojis and emoticons can lighten the mood of an emotionless text message or email but using them in your work email may undermine your professionalism. While emojis may be a fun way to communicate in a social setting, the workplace is more traditional especially when it comes to communicating. A study concluded some experiments on how co-workers interpreted messages and found overwhelmingly that the emoji, such as a smiley face, had no effect on the perception of warmth. Rather the sender is assumed to be less competent if a message contains an emoji. Perhaps it is a generational preference as the biggest generation in the work force now are Millennials and they grew up in a much more casual online conversation tone.  But the advice from the study concludes to keep business emails and texts traditional, especially when trying to gain a contract with business or replying on a job interview.

SOURCE: Eureka Alert

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