Emails Interfering with Personal Time is More Harmful Than Previously Thought

July 29, 2016

It would be hard to imagine a business world without email and it would seem even hard to imagine life outside of work with it being interrupted with them.  As hard as we try to not check out in boxes during personal time, it is causing unhealthy imbalances between work and life, as the results of three separate studies confirm.  In essence, it isn't the email itself isn't entirely to blame, the anticipation of afterhours email too is causing anxiety, depression and burnout.  The studies looked into the amount of time spent on email outside of work, the emotional exhaustion levels, perceptions of work-family balance, and the perceived psychological detachment from work during off-hours. In general, researchers found that after-hours emails were a significant job stressor for volunteers, with an impact similar to high workload and interpersonal conflict.  While it may be impossible for some of us to completely ignore our emails outside of work, researchers say it’s important to find some time to fully disconnect, especially if you’re feeling stressed. One of the solutions offered are for businesses to implement email-free hours and/or days or rotating email shifts to ensure employees are able to take the occasional vacation from their work emails.

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Soure: Mental Floss