Elvis Is Running For Congress

February 28, 2018

© Tiziano Casalta Dreamstime

Elvis has left the building and he needs your vote!  While you might think of the King of Rock And Roll, this Elvis Presley is running for a congressional seat. Elvis D. Presley lives up to his namesake by impersonating Elvis A. Presley, The King of Rock N’ Roll, in his spare time but Elvis D. Presley has aspirations of becoming a politician.  He is running against the incumbent Rep. Rick Crawford, who has served four terms for the 1st Congressional District in eastern Arkansas. This isn't the first time Elvis D. Presley has ran for political office.  His previous attempts to become governor and the land commissioner at the state level failed and perhaps left him “all shook up.” So “It's Now Or Never” as all political candidates in Arkansas must registered by Thursday for the 2018 general election.

SOURCE: Yahoo!

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