The Elevator Button That Doesn't Work On Purpose

June 1, 2018

© Iofoto | Dreamstime

If you've ever repeatedly pushed the 'door close' button on an elevator and thought, 'It's like this thing doesn't actually work,' you are about to find out that you are correct. Over the Memorial Day weekend, a passenger aboard an elevator posted a picture of the elevator button panel and amazingly, the "door close" button wasn't a button but a sticker that looks and feels like a button.  However the barely sticking button had no wires connected to it and only a solid piece of steel behind it.  In fact, the door close button in every public building in the United States does absolutely nothing.  That's because Congress passed the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990, which requires all elevator doors to remain open long enough or anyone who uses crutches, a cane or wheelchair to get on board.  So why even have a button that says it closes the door but doesn't work?  It's a placebo for passengers to feel better. However most door close buttons do work for firefighters and maintenance workers that use a key or code to activate it.  But for the rest of us, it doesn’t matter how urgently you mash that 'close door' button, an elevator will close according to its own schedule.

SOURCE: New York Times

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