Elephant Thanks Workers Who Freed her Trapped Baby!

November 30, 2017

© Beautifulblossom | Dreamstime

An elephant never forgets and for one mother elephant, a debt of gratitude was signaled to workers who freed her a trapped baby.  Last Wednesday night a pack of elephants was moving through the village on the banks of a river in India when the baby elephant stumbled into a well being dug for drinking water. The trapped elephant began trumpeting for help as the calf's mother cries went on for hours until daybreak when the villagers and workers assembled around the trapped elephant.  A plan was laid out to rescue the baby elephant and work crews positioned a backhoe excavator in position to begin digging an exit trench for the exhausted elephant calf.  The crews worked for five straight hours, but all the work paid off as the baby elephant was able to walk out of his trap and ran as fast has it could to its mother.  What happened next is nothing short of heartwarming! The pack began trumpeting loudly and using their trunks to caress the baby. The sounds of all the elephants glee was enough for the villagers to cheer as well. It was then that the mother elephant turned towards the villagers and workers and began to wave her trunk up and down, back and forth in what you could interpret as a thank you.  Shortly the pack ventured back into the forest, together as a family!

SOURCE: Mashable

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