Elderly Woman Misdials Car Dealership For Help As A Salesman Rushes To Her Aid

August 3, 2016

They say character is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Last Sunday morning, an elderly woman in northeastern England was drawing a bath when she slipped and fell down.  She was able to reach her phone and attempted to call her daughter to come and help her.  However she got the last two digits of her daughter's phone number wrong and called the local BMW dealership instead, where Dang Vuong was waiting to make his first sale of the day.  Rather than hang up or forward her information to emergency responders, Dang jumped into his car and drive across town to help her, all the while reception kept the distressed woman on the phone.  Dang arrived at the home a few minutes later, found the door unlocked and went in to find the grandmother lying on the bathroom floor, with a cut lip and with the bath tub running over.  Dang told her who he was, scooped her up and put her on the sofa, covered her with a blanket and waited until her family arrived to tend her.  After making sure that she was safe and with family, Dang headed back to work, where he said he had a fairly busy day; although he wasn’t called for any additional emergencies from strangers. Sara Tweedy, the granddaughter of the woman Dang rescued, said that without the salesman’s intervention, it would have been a couple of hours at least before anyone arrived. She said that they couldn’t thank him enough, through Facebook post she shared.

SOURCE: Chronical Live

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