Eclipse Soil, "Basked In Total Darkness" For Sale On Ebay

August 23, 2017

© Brian Kushner | Dreamstime

As we briefly mentioned yesterday, those solar glasses used to watch Monday's eclipse can be recycled to the next solar eclipse, coming in 2019 to the counties of Chile and Argentina in South America. Astronomers Without Borders will be collecting gently used solar glasses for people in those countries so they can view one of nature's best shows!

And even though the eclipse is over, there are some who are cashing in on the phenomenon.  Carbondale, Illinois experienced 2 minutes and 40 seconds of a total eclipse, which is the longest duration totality, which promoted someone to sell a jar of Carbondale soil, "darkened by the moon" for $1,029 on eBay (with free shipping).  The ad reads “This is a Jar of soil from the area of greatest duration of the eclipse in Carbondale Illinois. This dirt seen total darkness as the moon traveled in front of the sun (2 minutes and 40 seconds). Plant your special seeds in this dirt and let the magic begin. Ok seriously, it's just dirt, but it is everything I said it is. Hey, if nothing else help a guy out I need new tires for my wife's car ;-) Seriously, I mean it!!!"  SO far, none of the ten jars of soil have been sold.


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