Eating Too Much Sugar Can be Toxic With Math To Figure Out Your Level

October 31, 2016


Tonight trick-or-treaters will be out in force, ringing door bells and being prompted to say thank you by their parents for the treats they're about to receive. But before you jump into the bounty of chocolate-covered nougat and crunch candy shells, there is good advice from your mom and dad not to eat too much candy.  Generally we only focus of this position to defend our teeth from the dreaded cavity but there is a real risk of consuming more sugar than our bodies can process and it can lead to you vital organs shutting down. For that number, the American Chemical Society did the math to calculate how many pieces of candy would be considered toxic to you based on your weight.  The formula is pretty simple.  Take your weight and multiply it by 13.5.  That answer is to be divided by 9.3 and the result is the number of "fun size" candy bars would be fatal if eaten at one sitting. For example, a 180lb person would have to eat 262 average "fun size" candy bars to be toxic.  Hopefully self-control will keep you far from that number but remember that too much of anything can be dangerous to your body.

SOURCE: American Chemical Society (YouTube video)

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