Eating Out For Lunch Everyday Is Dangerous To Your Health

February 27, 2017

© Elena Elisseeva | Dreamstime

Opting to eat out for lunch today instead of bringing it from home?  While an occasional lunch out is OK, having too many lunches out not only can leave you broke but can be dangerous to your health.  Writers for a new book, Packed, say that restaurants routinely offer lunches that are too high in fat, sugars and refined carbs and can lead to bad guy health. Eating more fat and salt than you really need could, over time lead to heart disease. While high sugars could lead to diabetes. Considering many fast food and sit-down restaurants do not have nutritional information available, it makes it hard for you to really know. And bloated and uncomfortable feeling after lunch could be due to an imbalance or insufficient friendly gut bacteria to efficiently breakdown your food. Not o mention the average price of making your own lunch runs about $3 a day, while eating out is upwards of $8.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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