Eating More Of This May Boost Your Student's Performance At School

January 30, 2017


Kids need every advantage they can master to be successful with their school work, so when something as simple as eating more kale, spinach and red meat comes along, you want to know about it. Scientists recent findings on the subject found that college students who are iron deficient perform significantly worse than those with a normal level.  The iron deficient performance seems low, of just .34 below those with normal levels but that's enough to drop or increase a grade GPA.  Mixed in with regular exercise, the boost from iron can lead to even better learning success. Eating foods with iron helps the body perform essential functions like transporting oxygen in the bloodstream and a deficiency can be linked to fatigue, which causes people to lose focus and cast their minds away. If you suspect your child is iron deficient, check with their doctor or pediatrician. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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