Eating Frozen Vegetables Are A Refreshing Summer Snack

April 26, 2018

© Remus Cucu | Dreamstime

Want to get your kids to embrace vegetables better?  Try serving them a pea-sicle, corn-sicle or edamame-sicle this summer!  While the time honored traditions of slipping veggies into other foods to get kids to like them has mixed results, apparently frozen vegetable have a different taste than raw or cooked. As for frozen peas, their flavor is a bit less pea-like and a little sweeter. Popping a few frozen peas, corn kernels and edamame pods in your kid's moth might be the easiest and most refreshing treat on a hot summer day that might give your kids a different perspective on vegetables. You can typically serve frozen veggies straight from the bag, though some manufacturers have printed warnings to cook the product first, as there have been recent recalls due to concerns of Listeria. To play it safe, you can freeze low-acid fresh vegetables by blanching them in boiling water at the peak of their freshness, and then quickly submerging them in ice water. That’ll destroy any bad microorganisms while maintaining their flavor and nutrients. Then dry them with a paper towel, pack them snugly, and freeze. Serve any time as a guilt-free snack.

SOURCE: Offspring

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