Eating Charcoal-Infused Foods Can Interfere With Your Medications

July 5, 2018

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Not all food trends should be followed, such as the jet black ice cream and latte fad that began last year.  Come to find out, the black coloring, derived from adding charcoal to foods, can make medication less effective and causes intestinal irregularities. Activated charcoal has been used for decades in hospitals to detox patients, perhaps from an overdose. The substance is an absorbent, meaning it sucks out the toxins from your stomach, but it can also absorb medications, including birth control pills and cause your digestive system to stop working regularly leading to constipation. Such a concern for public safety that the New York City Health Department has issued a citywide ban on charcoal-infused foods. Experts say an occasional charcoal-infused food product should be okay but having two or more a week can mess with your prescribed medications as well as make it a bit more difficult to use the toilet.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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