Eating Beans Can Help Starve Off Snacking

December 12, 2016

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The average American gains 8 to 10 pounds during the holidays, so any help in keeping those pounds off while still enjoying the delicious holiday meals is always in need.  Perhaps you can starve off snacking by reaching for a can of beans instead of bacon.  Proteins take longer to digest and therefore can leave you feeling fuller longer.  But not all proteins are the same.  A Danish research project found that people who eat vegetarian proteins, such as peas and beans stay fuller longer than eating pork or chicken.  It also found those who filled up on legumes are 12% fewer calories at their next meal. The difference between an animal and plant protein?  The fiber.  Fiber can absorb liquids such as water and therefore make you feel fuller.  And the slow digesting proteins add length in between meals.  The results are published in the scientific journal Food & Nutrition.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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