Ask for A Takeout Box Before Your Meal Is Served

July 30, 2018

One of the regrets of eating at a nice restaurant is that we enjoy ourselves too much and that results in overeating. However some scientists suggest you do this before you receive your order, ask for a takeout box.  The move usually reserved at the end of a meal is kind of a mental trick.  They found that if we know the food is going to be tossed out in the garbage, we're more likely to overeat in order to finish it. This conclusion was found after the scientist split eaters into two groups and gave them a meal once a week for a month. The portion sizes for both groups increased each week. For the group who knew a takeout box was available, the amount of food consumed hardly changed, despite the growing portion sizes. But for those who were not offered a takeout box ate an extra half of a serving for every extra serving of food on the plate. In the report published in the journal Appetite, researchers said: ‘Packaging uneaten food after a meal could be an effective strategy to reduce over-consumption from large portions.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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