The Easy Way To Never Forget An Ingredient For That Recipe While Shopping

August 8, 2017


That famous sweet potato casserole, Chicken Florentine and Cheesecake Volcano recipes are the ones your family loves.  You could even say you are legendary in your social circle for your cooking!  All those delicious recipes require a specific mixture of ingredients usually in a food-stained recipe book handed down from generation to generation.  Or perhaps it’s a recipe that you’ve perfected from a Google search. Which is why many of us snap a photo of it before heading to the store to buy all the stuff for it.  But what if we were to tell you about an easier way to store your recipes in your phone without sifting through hundreds of pictures, notes or web searches?  Store your recipes as a contact in your phone.  Today's phones allow you to add notes for every contact, so why not include the ingredient list in that field and save it as the recipe name?  That way when you are in the store, just search for "chicken soup" and voila, the ingredient lists pops right up.  You can even have your phone's personal assistant find it for you and read the list out loud! Genius!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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