The Easy Way To Clean The Office Microwave

August 10, 2017


Nothing is more disgusting than the office microwave.  From leftover pasta to bowls of tomato soup, all those zapped meals splattering and overflowing is beyond a nightmare.  Worst part is no one fesses up to their mess as the grime builds.  However you can be the office hero with a simple way to clean the microwave and all it takes is a bowl of water, water and a lemon. Pour about a half-cup of water into the bowl. Then slice the lemon in half and Squeeze both halves into the water and toss them in the bowl. Set the bowl inside the microwave and turn it on full power for three minutes or until the water boils.  Turn off the microwave and let it stand, with the door closed, for another five. The acid from the lemon acts like a detergent and the steam delivers it to all corners of the microwave. Remove the bowl (be careful as it still may be hot) and wipe away the splattered marinara sauce and chicken noodle soup reside easily.  Of course posting another passive aggressive note if you wish...but let's be serious, there is little chance it will have any affect!

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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