Easy Trick To Improve Your Penmanship

January 24, 2017

© Ivan Kruk Dreamstime

Although Monday was National Handwriting Day (1/23), it seems writing with your hand is becoming as useful as a typewriter. The computer and more accurately, the smartphone are at the root.  A 2013 study found that Americans send around of 4,735 texts a month, which means we are not getting a lot of practice writing by hand. If you have noticed your handwriting becoming les legible or that your child is getting poor marks in penmanship, here's an easy trick you can use to get back on the handwriting wagon. Most of us tend to write by just moving our fingers and hand.  But if you add your whole arm into writing each letter, you'll see instant improvement.  By using your whole arm in motion causes you to slow down and spend more time perfecting letters so you know what was written down later. Give it a try!

SOURCE: Reader's Digest

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